Our Heritage

REV Gomm was established in 1908 by Richard Edward Victor Gomm. The company remained in the Gomm family until being incorporated within the Shaw Munster Group of companies, owned by the Tyler family, in 1997 following the passing of Thomas Gomm. The company remains a family run concern, with strong core values that form what we like to call the REV Gomm Way.

We are among the oldest of Birmingham’s remaining badge manufacturers and hold one of the largest range of stock badges in the UK.

The REV Gomm Way

We’re about more than just manufacturing great badges…

In an ever changing world where social media takes over from good old fashioned human interaction, and technology replaces traditional techniques, we remain true to our 110 years of manufacturing great products and would love you to own a little bit of our history.

Our core values of Integrity, quality products and honesty shape how we interact with our customers and in the way we develop and produce our products.

What you can expect from us is to get the right product for your needs at a price that’s fair and right for you. Nothing more and nothing less.

We are here to help… good business starts with looking after your employees and your customers, then and only then can we all thrive together. It’s more than just about profit and numbers.

Whether your are purchasing one of our stock products or are looking to commission us to make something for you we are here to help.

Great products start with great ideas and all products have a purpose whether it’s to help raise money for a charity, show you’re a proud member of a club or it could be an accessory or a gift item for a heritage retailer. We will help, advise and develop these ideas with you and together we’ll produce a product that you can be proud of.

Whilst browsing the site please just ask if you need any assistance. If you’d like to commission a product or to become a stockist we’d love to actually speak to you on the phone or better still meet in person over a coffee (or tea) to discuss your requirements and develop your ideas.